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Canton of Northgeatham

The Canton is located in the northern region of the Barony of Ramshaven, in the Kingdom of Ealdormere. In real world terms this is Bruce and Grey County (west part) including the City of Owen Sound. We occasionally hold meetings on Sunday afternoons where plans are discussed for the Canton. At these we also work on Arts and Sciences projects. From Spring to Fall we have fight practice on Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 8:30 at the Great Hall. Please visit us on Facebook to see when the next meeting/practice is. If you are ‘new’ to all of this we suggest you contact our Chatelaine for more information and they will help you find your way. Our regular gathering place is near Underwood, Ontario.

Baron’s Brouhaha VI

Barons Brouhaha returns this year! This is a weekend camping event starting at 4pm on Friday July 21 , 2023 and ending on July 23 4pm. It is located at Baron Penda and Baroness Sibylla’s Farm in the Canton of Northgeatham!

Proceeds will be donated to the Barony of Ramshaven.

Facebook page.


Friday: Setup your tent and socialize in the Great Hall (barn). There will be a bardic circle/camp fire at dusk.

Saturday: Most of Saturday will be armored combat, fencing and thrown weapons. A&S will also be happening throughout the day. Court will be held in the afternoon (at the discretion of Their Royal Majesties and Excellencies Ramshaven), followed by a potluck feast. Please bring a ‘medieval-ish’ dish along and enjoy a feast in the great hall. The evening will be socializing and a bardic circle/campfire. Remember to bring your own breakfast and lunch. There will be coffee and hot water available in the morning.

Sunday: Penda will be firing up the forge for those of you who would like to try dome blacksmithing. The Great Hall is open for A&S. Remember to bring your own breakfast and lunch. There will be coffee and hot water available in the morning.

Please remember to bring your own beverages (site is wet).


$20 adult member for weekend, $10 adult member single day
$25 non-member, $15 non-member single day
Youth ages 17 and under are free
When: Friday 21 Jul – Sunday 23 Jul 2023
Location: 973 Concession Rd 8, Tiverton, ON, N0G 2T0


  • Please leave your pets at home. This will be strictly adhered to.
  • Water and electricity are available in the barn.
  • The site can be windy. Make sure your tent is securely anchored down.
  • Please do not set your tent up under and trees or tie your tent to them.
  • There is a small fishpond on site. Be respectful of the fish. Children must be supervised by an adult in this area at all times.


Event Steward: Wulfric of the Blackwood (
Site inquiries/reservations: Sibylla of Glyndmere (
Marshals: TBD



Wulfric of The Black Wood


Yngvildr Ádísardóttir

Arts & Sciences



Wulfwynne of The BlackWood

Armoured Combat Marshal

Penda of Glindemere

Rapier Marshal

Yngvildr Ádísardóttir

Clerk-Register (web-minister)

Penda of Glindemere


Sibylla of Glyndmere