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  • Have the single rapier authorization
  • Desire to join the Academy
  • Start thinking about garb that can be made list legal for fencing

Prize Requirement

To earn the rank of Cadet, the Prizor must fight 10 bouts, followed by a minimum of 15 minutes of open challenge.

Duties of Cadets

  • Have Fun! This is your most important duty.
  • Become involved with other aspects of the SCA.
  • Hone rapier skills beyond the basics, into advanced techniques, especially period forms
  • Begin learning at least one of the secondary weapons forms
  • Begin creating garb that is list legal for fencing

Symbol of Rank

A red scarf

Cadets of the Academy

  • Lord Alexander Gladstone
  • Lady Alieana of the March
  • Baron Alistair Kirk
  • Lord Cesare Ambrigino di Salvazzi (July 2017)
  • Lord David of Ben Dunfirth (June 2016)
  • Lady Eveleen the Aggressive
  • His Excellency Shahid al Hasan (March 2016)