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A Patron of the Academy is anyone who supports the fencing community in Ealdormere


Petition for advancement: Ask. Anyone who wishes to be considered a patron should be accepted.

For special service beyond this, the Academy may vote to accord a Patron a gold stripe on their scarf. This would cover those whose support is more active and of long duration. Examples of service include, but are certainly not restricted to: assistance at list tables, assistance with paperwork, support of fence as a chirurgeon or waterbearer, constructing garb for fencers, making equipment (hilts, etc.) for fencers, research of any kind into fencing or the culture of the rapier era, etc.


  • Have Fun!
  • Provide moral support for fencers
  • Be proud of the connection to the Academy

Symbol of Rank

A purple scarf

Patrons of the Academy: see Academy Roll