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The Praeceptor is responsible for overseeing the Academy and its members. The term of office for the Praeceptor shall be one year.

Duties of the Praeceptor

  • Have Fun!
  • Maintain a roll of members of the Academy. When a member attains a higher rank, the member who advanced in rank shall notify the Praeceptor in writing so that the increase in rank may be recorded in the Academy’s records.
  • Appoint the next Praeceptor at the end of the term of office, subject to approval by the Crown of Ealdormere. The successor shall present themselves in court before the Crown, and shall be invested thus.
  • Continue practicing the duties of the rank held by the Praeceptor, if any

The Praeceptor may call for an exception to the charter on an individual basis. After calling the exception, all of the Deans and Provosts of the Academy shall vote to ratify it.

When a member wishes to play a Prize for the next rank, the Praeceptor shall attempt to arrange time and space with the Marshal in Charge of the event that the Prize is to be played at. Once this is done, then the Praeceptor shall arrange to have a notice published in The Tidings so that interested parties may plan to attend.

Symbol of Rank

A blue scarf edged with gold.