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The Proctor is the Academy’s research advisor. In other words, someone who has done research into things like manuals of fence, culture, clothing, weapons, etc. There is no requirement that they be an authorized fencer, but it would be preferable that they have active knowledge of actual rapier play. The term of office for the Proctor shall be one year.

Duties of the Proctor

  • The Proctor’s specific duty is to approve research tasks for those wishing to advance to Provost or Dean
  • After advising and assisting as needed through the research process, the Proctor will review the completed research
    • At the Provost level, it is mainly desirable that the candidate be familiar at a basic level about period rapier play
    • At the Dean level, evidence of more intense and organized research will be required. This can take many forms: a demonstration of period rapier play, making a new set of rapier garb, writing a paper on some aspect of the culture, etc.
  • The Proctor is also the person responsible for encouraging research and application of it within the Academy, and is a resource person for anyone wanting to do this kind of research.