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Scheduling a Prize

To call a Prize, contact the Praeceptor with the following information

  • Name (Mundane and SCA, please)
  • The rank you want to fight for
  • The event at which you’d like to play your Prize
  • Your email address
  • If this will be your first Prize, and you are not playing for the rank of Cadet, please indicate how and/or why you qualify for the rank desired
  • Ranks requiring research projects require the approval of the Proctor before your Prize can be scheduled!

For the initial filling of the ranks, please determine what rank you feel you qualify for. So long as you qualify for the rank, you may play your initial Prize at that rank or lower. Feel free to start at the bottom and work your way up if you so desire, even if you qualify for a higher rank.

The Praeceptor will attempt to arrange space and time for the Prize at the desired event. If you are contacting the Praeceptor close to the prize scheduling deadline, please contact the Rapier MiC for the desired event to attempt to arrange time for your Prize, otherwise the Prize attempt may need to be delayed.

You are responsible for bringing your scarf for presentation in court.


Note that by the charter of the Academy, all Prizes must be published in the Tidings preceding the event. The staff at the Tidings require all announcements before the end of the month two months before publication. If you want to play a Prize in August, the Praeceptor needs to know by the end of June!