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Feast at Lombardy

Join the Canton of Caldrithig for a new year celebration, with dancing, games, bardic, fancy garb and a Feast to write home about.

Saturday, January 6, 2024

Lombardy Fairgrounds
6 Kelly Road
Lombardy, ON K0G 1L0

Site opens at 1pm
Feasting begins at 3pm

Adult Registration: $35
Adult Paid Member Reg: $30
(Minors are free)

Feast Menu

Lombard Soup (egg drop soup)
Olives and mushrooms

1st Course
Chickens in the lombard manner (chicken in pastry with bacon)
Rice of Flessh (rice cooked in broth and almond milk)
Peascodes (snow peas sauteed in butter)

2nd Course
Stewed Lombard (meat stew)
Roasted Carrots

3rd Course
Leche Lombarde (meat loaf)
Frumenty cooked in broth with beets and onions

Dessert Course
Leche Lombarde (Date bars)
Rys Lombard Stondyne (rice pudding)
Auter Maner Leche Lumbarde (sweet honey and egg loaf)
Crustade Lumbard (date and custard pie)


THL Constance of Caldrithig :Steward
Dame Elsebeth Ffarbaren :Gate
THL Constance of Caldrithig :Feast Cook
Lord Kit of Caldrithig* :Entertainment Coordinator
* please contact autocrat to be put in touch with Lord Kit.

Pre-Register to reserve your seat!

Planned Songs

Lyrics for all songs
Martin Said to His Man
O Come and Be welcome (By Ollamh Emer nic Aidan)
Why shouldn’t my goose?
Rise (By Master Hector of the Black Height)
A Miller, a Miller* (midi download)
The Ealdormere Song* (By Master Hector of the Black Height)
*Only the music was available