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Fencing Practice Every Monday – the shire gathers to learn, and practice, the combat techniques we use in the SCA. Currently, we are usually focusing on fencing on Mondays, but we sometimes also have a marshal for armoured combat. Usually we meet up at the Moose lodge in Chatham but contact us through this page to be sure that’s where we will be this week. 🙂

Business Meetings are the Second Monday of each Month.

Arts & Science Gatherings First Tuesday of every month is craft night at ca’ Salvazzi! Join us to learn new things, work on your projects, or just hang out and have fun! Everyone is welcome!

**ALL gatherings tend to include A&S of some sort so feel free to bring portable projects along with you.**


Stone the Crows Event:

Murder Muster:

Join us at the Chatham branch of The Moose Lodge
850 Richmond St, Chatham, ON N7M 5J5
From 6:05 – 8 pm