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Hedeby Trade Exhibition

Look! Longships on the horizon!

Are these northern raiders set to burn our homes and pillage our treasures? Fortune be praised, no! They are traders and far travelers come here from the myriad and distant lands visited by the Scandinavian peoples.

In honour of Their Highnesses, Coronation will host the Hedeby Exhibition, an Arts & Sciences showcase celebrating the geographic and cultural diversity of ‘Viking’ expansion. Everyone is encouraged to display any, and all, works of craft originating in one of the lands visited by the ‘Vikings’.  Originating in Scandinavia, the ‘Vikings’ visited many regions and cultures – and traded or raided their stuff.

So, bring out your handiwork from Scandinavia, the Baltics, Anglo-Saxon England, Ireland, Francia, Iceland, Greenland, Rus’ States, or even Byzantium. If the ‘Vikings’ made it, traded it, or stole it, you are encouraged to display it.

We will have a poster map to mark the regional origin of your project. Let’s see if we can map the whole Viking expansion!

In addition, we will have a prize for the most popular exhibit. A blind bean count will be used to determine the art or craft that will win the prize.

This exhibit is also a fantastic opportunity to give back and gift the Crown with items of largesse. During their Reign, Their Majesties will need to give many gifts, both at home in Ealdormere, and while away in foreign lands. By gifting largesse to the Crown, we highlight the skills and generosity of the artisans of Ealdormere. We encourage participants to keep the Royal gift coffers full of treasures.