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Baronial Champions

Many have the opinion that a Champion is chosen for being the best at what they do. This is not always the case! Each Champion is carefully chosen by Their Excellencies with a purpose in mind. Yes, it is important that the champion be skilled in his or her discipline but also that he or she be inspiring and willing to assist others in achieving a similar goal. It is Their Excellencies wish that by being a Ramshaven Champion that person will pass on knowledge and skills to others. A Champion will inspire people to take part in competitions and be approachable for any questions that might arise. Of course, winning the odd competition and proudly being a member of Ramshaven is much appreciated.

Armored Combat: Lord Matthäus Lindenhayn von Schaffhausen

Fencing: Lord George Stauffer

Arts & Science: Lord Baethan MacFinnon

Bardic: Frowe Dorothea af Holm