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Baronial Officers

The Barony of Ramshaven has officers who conduct the business of the Barony and keep it running smoothly. In order to be an officer, you must be a member of the SCA. The Baron and Baroness are appointed by the Crown (usually based on voting by the populace), and the officer positions are appointed by the Executive Committee on two-year rotations.

Baron and Baroness

Henry Foster and Bridget Larkin
May 2023 to Present
The Baron and Baroness are the leaders of the Barony. They represent the Crown and have the ability to hold Baronial Court and grant awards.


Aldwynn of Cantebury
Appointed May 2023
The Seneschal acts like a chief officer, being the group administrator and legal representative if the SCA.


Isobel Fraoch
Appointed November 2023
The Exchequer handles the financial aspects of the Barony.

Arts and Science

Sibylla of Glyndmere
Keeps track of what crafts and skills the members are learning and provides guidance as required.


Dame Genvieve la Flechiere
Appointed January 2024
The herald is the voice of the Barony, making boisterous announcements at events and often assisting their Excellencies with court.

Armored Combat Marshal

Wulfric of the Blackwoods
Appointed July 2016


Yoshikuri Nagayori
The Chatelaine is an officer who helps people learn about the SCA.


Asa Gormsdottir
Appointed November 2022
Produces the Baronial newsletter.


Penda of Glyndmere
Appointed Oct 2017
Handles the website and internet related items.

Social Media Officer

Yoshikuri Nagayori
Appointed Jan 2022