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Our meetings and practices are open to all; anyone wishing to attend an event is given all the help they need in borrowing or making an outfit to wear, as well as a crash-course on basic medieval etiquette. In addition to meets and practices, we have “special interest” nights, where local members meet in each others homes to discuss common topics of interest, from vintning and brewing, costuming and research, armouring to making and playing medieval games. These are also open to all interested parties.

If you’d rather make personal contact with a human being before just showing up at a meeting (which you can do!) then feel free to contact either the Seneschal (group leader) or the Chatelaine (newcomer welcome). Both offices do change people from time to time and the current office-holders can be found on the Officers page.


Our fight practices and business meetings take place at Scholars’ Hall in Kitchener. During the warmer months you can find us outside on the blacktop and grass adjacent to the parking lot. Otherwise, you can find us in the gym, which is the first door on your left after entering from the parking-lot side. Often, non-combat activities are either outside or on the second floor. If you don’t know where to go, anyone will be happy to direct you!

Address: 888 Trillium Dr, Kitchener, ON N2R 1K4

Local Gatherings

Fight Practices And Non-Violent Pursuits

Fight practices take place every Tuesday evening from 7-10 pm. In addition to armored and rapier combat, often members join to work on their scribing, costuming, or other non-violent pursuits.

Business Meetings

Everyone is encouraged to attend the business meeting and share their thoughts. Meetings take place on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month, from 7:00 pm until the business is taken care of. Business meetings are held at the same place as Fight Practices.

Armouring Nights

Armouring Nights offer a chance to get access to tools, materials, and help in regard to building of armour and other projects. Armouring Nights happen *approximately* every other Wednesday from 7:00 – 9:30 pm at the home of Edward & Rylyn in Waterloo near Columbia & Fischer-Hallman. Contact Rylyn for directions and to confirm the schedule. Note that there is a maximum attendance capacity of four people per night.


The kingdom events calendar is located here.