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Useful Links

Below are a selection of useful links related to activities in the Canton of Bryniau Tywynnog and the society at large. Please note that all external links are not part of the Bryniau Tywynnog website. Inclusion of a page or site here is neither implicit nor explicit endorsement of the site. Further, SCA, Inc. is not responsible for content outside of this site.

Getting Started

  • Society’s Newcomer Portal -An introduction to the SCA, complete with photos
  • Cariadoc’s Miscellany – by Cariadoc of the Bow, Knight, Master of the Laurel, Master of the Pelican, and Duke. Essentially a compiled list of articles that both new and old members can make use of
  • SCA Demo – An online SCA demo, photos of most activities you are likely to experience in the SCA
  • SCA on a Budget –  by Gawin Kappler. Great resources for the newcomer when entering the game

Many other SCA groups have links of their own for you to follow. Rather than copying them here, I’d encourage you to visit their sites and learn something about our neighbors.

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