Evander and Marioun host an unofficial calligraphy and illumination workshop

Scribal Night is an informal workshop that focuses on the art of calligraphy and illumination where all are welcome to share their skills and knowledge or come to learn. Other arts and sciences such as knitting, miniature painting, and comic relief are welcome. Though armouring, woodworking and likewise noisy arts may be relegated to mute, or sent to the garage.

Scribal Night is held a couple of times a month on Friday nights at Evander & Marioun’s home. Please contact Mistress Marioun at kathygolightly1@aol.com for more information on how to attend Scribal Night.

hands holding up a decorative illuminated scroll

Upcoming Scribal Nights

No upcoming workshops.

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These are informal workshops and social gatherings, a chance to spend time doing our art together.

Bring your own projects or make use of the provided materials which are now available from the scribal fund for education. Please encourage anyone interested to make use of the Scriptoriums as basic supplies will be provided. Watch for announcements, on the Scribal College Web Page and Facebook group, of which events those materials will be available.

  • Donations of tools or materials are welcomed.
  • There will be a donation bank at the Scriptorium if you wish to help the scribal fund.

We can all learn from one another so anyone of any skill level is welcome to share their knowledge and skills.

We will need volunteers: to arrange with autocrats for table space in well-lit areas ( preferably in open areas of events), to make sure scriptoriums are advertised on the event web page and Facebook events, and to take care of materials.

This is an opportunity to teach through in an informal setting. Please contact Mistress Marioun at kathygolightly1@aim.com if you would like to head up a Scriptorium at an event. You don’t have to be an expert, just willing to help.

Gallery of Scrolls