Upcoming Major Baronial Events

Ben Dunfirth typically host two major events. See below for all local upcoming Baronial events.

Rozakii fighters stand in a line, holding shields and spears

June 6–9th, 2024

Murder Melee in the Meadow has found a new meadow! We’ll soon be returning to the Germania Club Park Campgrounds. Please check back soon for more information.

Sir Tristham fighting Tannon with a barstool

(No upcoming dates)

Please check back soon for more information!

Weekly Meetings & Practices

Ben Dunfirth’s baronial meetings and fight practices are held on a weekly basis (except holidays) at The Hamilton Aviary.

Any changes to the schedule, including holidays, will be announced in the Baronial News.

His majesty Evander dressed in a red 14th century kit holding up a sword and a shield

The Barony’s weekly baronial meeting, succeeded by fight practice for both armoured and rapier combat. Youth combat is held bi-weekly. All are welcome to attend! 

His majesty Evander dressed in a red 14th century kit holding up a sword and a shield

Weather permitting, archery practice is held every Sunday by Don The Duckman. If you would like to attend a practice, please contact the Archery Marshal.

Upcoming Local A&S Events

Ben Dunfirth hosts Arts & Sciences workshops throughout the year, with regular Scribal Nights. See below for the next upcoming workshops.

An illuminated black and golden scroll decorated with filigree, a sword, and a boar

An informal workshop that will focus on the art of calligraphy and illumination. Other A&S activities are welcome! Click here for more information.

Colourful wool threads on wooden spoons

A workshop that will focus on sewing and fibre arts. Anyone looking for assistance with their arts & sciences projects is welcome to attend.

Kingdom Event Calendar

Below calendar lists all upcoming events in Ealdormere and out-of-kingdom, as well as all baronial practices and meetings. For more information, visit the Event Calendar page on the Ealdormere site.

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