Arts & Sciences are the crafts, skills, and technologies practiced in the time period and cultures that our studies cover

Arts & Sciences (A&S) is embedded into everything we do in the SCA—the garb we wear, the armour used in combat, the illuminated scrolls presented in Court, and the recipes used for a feast.

A&S is non-exhaustive and limitless. It is Crafting, Performance, and even Service. Entire events are dedicated to teaching, showcasing, and encouragement of A&S within Ealdormere.

Ben Dunfirth hosts an Arts & Sciences Workshop, information for which can be found below.

Scribal Nights are currently being hosted by Mistress Marioun Golightly and Count Evander MacLauchlan. More information can be found on the Scribal Night & Scriptorium page.

Examples of Arts & Science

Calligraphy & Illumination

SCA Scribes study the period manuscripts, scrolls, and books of the pre-17th Century and maintain this art through Calligraphy, the writing style, and Illuminating, the painting and inking artwork that accompanies it.

Cooking & Brewing

The art of SCA cooking and brewing aims to recreate period meals, feasts, drinks, and preserves using period ingredients and methods such as fermentation. Feasts inspired or based on period recipes are commonly served at events.

Fibre Arts

An immensely diverse category of A&S that includes but is not limited to, sewing, costuming, embroidery, and weaving using both modern and period techniques and materials. Fibre arts is at the heart of the SCA, making up the “garb” we wear.

Bardic Arts

Bardic Arts is a Performance Art that encompasses song, story, prose, ballads, and poetry in pre 17th century. It may include vocal and musical instruments or simply be a telling of stories, histories, and legends.


The SCA is built upon the idea of chivalry, courtesy, and service. Whether you’re teaching a class or helping to organize an event, Service presents the opportunity to contribute directly to your local Kingdom or Baronial community.


A broad area of study and recreation that both revives and is inspired by the ancient and integral art form of ceramic arts. Pottery helped past civilizations to cook, store, and preserve for thousands of years.

Upcoming Arts & Sciences Workshops

Colourful wool threads on wooden spoons

April 7, 11:00 AM—4:30 PM

The Barony of Ben Dunfirth will host an Arts & Science Day/Sewing Practice on April 7th.

The workshop is graciously hosted Countless Arlette and Baroness Lucia de Enzinas. The event is free to attend. We will be passing the hat for donations towards expenses, however, please do not feel pressured to contribute.

This workshop’s focus will primarily be on sewing and fibre arts. There will be sewing machines, and lots of table space for laying out fabric, or any other arts & sciences projects.