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New cadets from Fruits of our Labours, AS 58

Good cousins, what joy!

Our ranks have increased by 8 new members at Fruits of our Labours XVI, AS LVIII.

At kingdom court, the academy welcomed the king’s rapier champion, Xandra Rozina Xiberras Galea, known to many as Mistress Rozi, as its newest Patron, and recognized me (Genevieve) as its Praeceptor.

On Sunday, the following nobles successfully met challengers of their mettle, and also successfully held the field for 15 mins as required by our charter:

  • Lord Aldwynn of Canterbury
  • Lady Victoria von Willmundingen
  • Lord Geörg Stauffer
  • Lord Wolfgang Stroem
  • Lord Matthäus Lindenhayn
  • Lady Claire de Lyon
  • Visc Genevieve la flechiere

Of note: Lord Matthäus met his challengers throughout with his offhand, as he recovers from an injury.

These nobles were recognized in a brief baronial court by TE of Ramshaven, Bridget and Henry, on Sunday evening. HG Mistress Rylyn provided new scarves for all those who advanced at this event.

These challenges would not have happened at all without the support of the academy’s longtime members HL Cristabel Wensleydale, HL Wilhelm von Pottruff, Lord Magnus Rasmussen, and Master Albrecht Stampfer. Cristabel provided clear direction and advice throughout, and made the challenges run smoothly.

We also owe great thanks to several keen fencers and marshals – notably Sir Roak, Sir Edward, Master Eyrny, HE Daffyd, and Lord Nicola, who supported the challengers on the field, though they are not academy members.

Lord John Moran brought his sunshade and set a hospitable table for folks between bouts, made the day richer with rest, and a cool place to sit.

It was a great joy to see people crossing swords with such good will and cheer at FOOL. Thank you all!