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Challenge planning for summer AS 58

Good cousins:

Per our current charter, if you want to challenge into the academy, the challenge must be published in the Tidings.

The Tidings deadlines for coming months:

  • 1 June: deadline for July publication and July events
  • 1 July: deadline for August publication and August events
  • 1 August: deadline for September publication and September events

After War of the Trilliums, many fencers’ blades, hearts, and wallets turn to Pennsic planning.

While the calendar is lighter on events in July and August, local events can host an academy challenge, if the event stewards are amenable and we can confirm suitable opponents, to meet you on the field.

TL;dr: if you want to challenge into the academy this summer, please contact me at eaod.praeceptor -at-

I’ll do all I can to support your efforts to both improve your skills on the field, and find opponents for your challenge.