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Challenges for coming June events AS 58

18 June 2023 ETA: Dean challenge for Master Albrecht confirmed for War of the Trillium

Greetings cousins,

For this current month, we have 2 events with planned challenges into the Academy:

Murder Melee

For rank of Cadet

  • Sciath Ingen Chaennaig
  • Rhys of Anglesey, aka Umesaya Soukurou

HE Sciath couldn’t attend Fruits of our Labours, and so we deferred her challenge til this month.

I’ve consulted with Lord David of Ben Dunfirth, rapier marshal in charge, and the current plan is to hold her challenge sometime after the rapier melee. Scheduling for this event is flexible!

For reference:

War of the Trillium

For rank of Cadet

  • Kersteken Janzdochtere
  • Joffr Rödson
  • Hrvoje Mihajlovic (TBC)

I’m working with Master Eyrny as rapier MiC to schedule these challenges.

For reference:

For rank of Dean

  • Albrecht Stampfer

A symposium about the Academy, at War of the Trillium

aka: potluck and chat over a drink

At War of the Trillium, I’d invite fencers interested in the academy to a symposium, in the Roman sense: a chance to share a glass and talk over important matters. Date and time TBC. BYO seating.

The discussion topics:

  • Q&A for interested fencers of any and all skill levels about the academy
  • updating the current charter: some obvious changes are easy (like updating named weapons forms), and others need discussion
  • choosing a process of how to update a document that is reasonable, and not an undue admin burden that members and Praeceptor alike grow to dread

I Have Ideas(tm) about how to do this, which I’ll put into writing? but need to hear from those fencers who want to take part in those processes.

As Praeceptor, my interest is in building the Ealdormere fencing community: welcome new fencers, build our depth, and meet stated SCA goals for inclusivity. If some aspect of the academy charter discourages new fencers, or makes it unnecessarily hard to take part, we need to reconsider if it’s serving us well.

Happy to chat: you can reach me at eaod-dot-praeceptor -at- gmail-dot-com

Your servant