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New Cadet from challenge at Murder Melee, AS 58

At a beautiful bright glorious Murder Melee in Ben Dunfirth, noble Rhys of Anglesey played their prize and was successful in joining the ranks of the academy as Cadet. They were recognized in royal court that evening. Wassail!

The prize play had support from Master Albrecht as marshal, Lord Baudouin de Domrémy as herald, and Lady von Willmundingen as scribe and timekeeper. Lord Aldwynn of Canterbury, Lord Geörg Stauffer and I served as fellow cadets for the challenge bouts. My thanks to all of you for helping make the challenge happen.

Murder Melee had an abundance of fencers attend this year: Lord David of Ben Dunfirth the MiC counted 20 fencers taking part in melee and 10 more doing pickup, and many of those armed up to meet Noble Rhys’ when they played all comers.

My thanks to Lord David as MiC, for accommodating the academy at Melee. It was a joyful day and a pleasure to play together.