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New Cadet and Dean, War of the Trilliums, AS 58

Cousins, what joy!
At this last Trillium War over the July holiday weekend, we marked the addition of a new Cadet, and a new Dean to join the academy ranks.


Joffr Rödson, baron of Skraeling Althing


Master Albrecht Stauffer, companion of the Laurel and Master of the order of Defense.

According to his own wishes, Master Albrecht met his opponents on the field as follows:

  • 10 bouts of single sword
  • 10 bouts of sword and dagger
  • 5 bouts sword and cloak
  • 5 bouts sword and buckler, cut & thrust
  • 5 bouts longsword, cut & thrust
  • 5 bouts sword and rotella, cut & thrust
  • 5 bouts of spear
  • 5 bouts of case

Together, HE Joffr and Master Albrecht met all comers, of any rank and no rank, for 15 minutes of challenges.

Masters Giovanni and Gareth, the two longstanding Deans of the academy, attended and supported these challenges, alongside, Masters Eyrny, Lars, Edward the Red, and the fencers of Ealdormere.

Mistress Rozi and I shared heralding and marshalling.

I’m so grateful for the support that the academy has enjoyed this summer. It’s a pleasure to hear people are “glad it’s running again”. A community of fencers cheerfully challenging themselves and each other is something to savour.