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Where Have They Gone

The days of the knight where have they gone
Hast man outgrown honor’s beauteous song
Doth darkness now blanken man’s noble right
Hath God left us to scramble through the dark night

Where is the hero on his shining steed;
Where is our saviour when we are in need;
Where is a brave man; are they lost to our time
Do we know heroes only in rhyme

Here is the knight, here in your soul
Honour and beauty live on in young and old
God has not left us. He still stands
Nearby, to kindle the fire of day’s light most high

The hero lives on in search of a quest
The spirit of a knight in every man’s breast
Bravery, it burns, just look you around
Where every day heroes truly abound
The knight he still lives on as more than a dream
His shield and sword still shine with a gleam
So fear not, good people, for knights still abound
For every day, heroes are all around.