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The Fiona Archives

As some of you may know, Her Ladyship Baroness Fiona (insert much alphabet soup here), had an extensive book collection which was broken up upon her death. I have been cataloging such of it as was stored with Lady Briend and Lord Starkathr, and I believe I have finished with the books. The rest consists of old newsletters and such which I will get to in the near future. So here is a partial listing, which I have not alphabetized. If anyone needs to consult these books, I will arrange for a loan, but the collection has to stay intact, and a curse will be applied to anyone who does not return an item.
In service,
Baroness Ariadne Athingana of Ravenglass


  1. Intelligible Heraldry: The application of a Mediæval system of Record and Identification to Modern Needs by Sir Christopher Lynch-Robinson, BT., and Adreian Lynch-Robinson, Barristers-at-Law, the King’s Inns, Dublin; Macdonald & Co. Ltd., London; 1948. Hardcover
  2. Wappenbuch: Herausgegeban von Horst Appuhn by Johann Siebmachers; Siebmachers Wappenbuch mit 3471 Wappen, Handkolorierte Ausgabe von 1605. Nachwort von Horst Appuhn mit einem umfangreichen Register; Die bibliophilen Taschenbücher. (Hand-coloured heraldic pictures). Paperback, 2 volumes in a box.
  3. Some Feudal Coats of Arms from Heraldic Rolls 1298-1418; illustrated with 830 zinco etchings from errifies, brasses and coats of arms by Joseph Foster; James Parker & Co., 1901, Crecy Books, 1984. 0-947554-009. Hardcover.
  4. Heraldry by Julian Franklyn; A.S. Barnes & Co. Inc, 1965 & 1968. 0-498-06683-5. Large-format hardcover.
  5. Heraldic Design: Its Origins, Ancient Forms and Modern Usage by Hubert Allcock; Tudor Publishing Co., 1962. Large-format hardcover.
  6. A Pictorial Dictionary of Heraldry as used in the SCA, 2nd edition by Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme and Akagawa Yoshio (Kevin Munday & Bruce Miller); SCA 1988. In a binder.
  7. Vocabulaire-Atlas Héraldique en six langues: français, English, deuthsch, español, italiano, nederlandsch par le baron Stalins et al. Paris, Société du grand armorial de France, 1952. (Compliments of Bacuorin, Oaken Herald, 2-4-A.S. XVII) In a binder.
  8. Heraldik by Milan Buben. Albatross Praha, 1986. In German. Hardcover
  9. Dictionary of Heraldry by Charles Norton Elvin. 1889. In a binder.
  10. The Roll of Arms of the Kingdom of Caid by Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme.
    Midlands Armourial, May XVIII.
    The Great Roll of Arms of Atenveldt, 3rd edition.
  11. Name submissions: Wayne Schaefer, Paul Remisch, Mary-Jo Potter, Avril C.M. Brass (Domus Chryselephantinus), Chris Doyle, Trevor J. Ralph. paper
  12. Slavic Names, partly hand-written. paper
  13. Naming Practices. Photocopy.
    Herald’s Newsletter, 6 September, A.S. XI from Daemon de Folo, Lord Dragon Herald. Paper.
  14. White Mantle Heraldic Glossary, April 9, 1999. 3.5” diskette. Unknown format.
  15. A Book of the Herald: A Manual for Heraldic Officers of the Middle Kingdom, third edition. Published by the Middle Kingdom College of Heralds, Daemon de Folo, Lord Dragon Principal Herald as editor; Folump Enterprises, 1980. stapled photocopy. (2 copies)
    Shield blanks and some heraldic notes. In a legal-sized folder.
  16. Medieval Heraldry by Terence Wise; Osprey Men-at-arms series. 1980. 85045-348-8. Photocopy in a red cover.
  17. Heralds and Ancestors by Sir Anthony Wagner KCVO, Dlitt, FSA, Garter Principal King of Arms. British Museum Publications Ltd., 1978. 0-7141-8007-6. Paperback.
  18. Heraldry & the Heralds by Rodney Dennys; Jonathan Cape Ltd; 1982, 1984. 0-224-01643-1. Hardcover.
  19. Nouveau guide de l’héraldique by Pierre Joubert; Ouest-France, 1984. Hardcover.
  20. Heraldry: Decoration and Floral Forms by Herbert Cole; Bracken Books, London. 1988. 1-85170-182-6. Hardcover.
  21. The Book of Settlements (Landnamabok), translated by Hermann Pálsson and Paul Edwards. Index of chapters and names of settlers. Photocopy.
  22. Workes of Armorie by John Bossewell, London 1572. #145 of The English Experience, its record in early printed books published by facsimile; DaCapo Press, Amsterdam. 1969. Photocopy in a red cover.
  23. Glossary of Terms as Used in the Rules for Submission (excerpt with additions by the Dragon Herald of the Midrealm). Photocopies: 1 bound, 1 loose; in folder.
  24. Proceedings of the 1991 Known World Heraldic Symposium, sponsored by Triton Principal Herald of Atlantia in the Baronies of Lochmere and Storvik, Kingdom of Atlantia. SCA, 1991. In blue binder.
  25. Herald’s Proceedings, Caidan Heraldic Symposium and Scribe’s Conclave. SCA, 1989. In black cover.
  26. Scroll Texts and Achievements of Atlantia, being a useful compendium for scribes and illuminators. Copy 12 of the first edition of 150. Property of the College of Heralds of the Middle. March 1988.
  27. Proceeding of the Fasachian Heraldic Symposium, being the Fifth Known World Symposium held in the Barony of Lock Salann, Kingdom of Atenveldt, August A.S. XIX (1984). Photocopy in black cover.
  28. English Norse Cross-Reference List compiled, with permission from the Old Norse Name by Geirr Bassi Haroldsson.
  29. Cross-Index of the SCA Armorial, as of October A.S. XXIV (1989). Photocopy in brown cover.
  30. Heraldry of the Royal Families of Europe by Jirí Louda & Michael Maclagan; Orbis Publishing Ltd., NY, 1981. 0-517-54558-6. Hardcover, large.
  31. MON, the Japanese Family Crest by W. M. Hawley and Kei Kaneda Chappelear. 1976. Photocopy in red cover.
  32. Basic Heraldic Design for the SCA, second draft, not for copy or distribution; by Mistress Orianna Fridrikskona, Dextrochere Pursuivant, 1993, Photocopy.
  33. A Glance at Heraldry by Irene Gass, ill. By Contrad Bailey; George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd., 1959. Photocopy in green cover.
  34. Middle Kingdom Scroll Text Standards by Master Kyrille Andreskevich, Dragon Signet of the Middle Kingdom. July A.S. XXIII. Photocopy in red cover.


  1. Cross-stitch Tips from the Experts, Simply Cross Stitch supplement; The Needlecraft Shop, 1991; 916906. pamphlet.
  2. 101 Folk Art Designs for Counted Cross-stitch and Other Needlecrafts, edited by Carter Houck; Dover Publications, 1982. 0-486-24369-9. Photocopy.
  3. The Annotated Arnold: A Commentary on Patterns of Fashion 1560-1620 by Janet Arnold, by Robert W. Trump; Royal University of Scirhafoc and the Calon Scrolls II; 1987. Paperback, spiral-bound.
  4. Costume and Fashion, Volume I: Prehistoric to 1066, 2nd edition, by Herbert Norris. 1930. Photocopy.
  5. Costume and Fashion, Volume II: 1066 to 1485, second edition, by Herbert Norris. 1930. Photocopy.
  6. Costume and Fashion, Volume III: The Tudors, second edition, by Herbert Norris. 1930. Photocopy.
  7. Footwear, seminar notes. By ‘Queta, Casa Reyes, SCA, 1983. Photocopy.
  8. Cut My Cote by Dorothy K. Burhham, Textile Department, Royal Ontario Museum, 1973. 972.248.1. Paperback.
  9. Fitting Feat: A Shoe Making Manual by Lady Myfanwy Dirwestoles ferch Gryffydd (B.M. Slade); Van Mannen & Van Maanen, 1993. Paperback, spiral-bound.
  10. Costuming seminar notes by Jean Charles Black, Ryerson University, 1994. Photocopy.
  11. Shoes and Pattens: Medieval Finds from Excavations in London, 2, by Francis Grew and Margrethe de Neergard; Museum of London; Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, 1988. Photocopy in binder.
  12. Medieval Craftsmen: Embroideries by Kay Staniland; British Museum Press, 1991. 0-8020-6915-0. Photocopy in paper cover.
  13. Renaissance Patterns for Lace, Embroidery and Needlepoint: An unabridged facsimile of the “Singuliers et nouveaux pourtraicts” of 1587 by Federico Vinciolo; Dover Books; 0-486-22438-4. Paperback
  14. The Pattern Library: Quilting and Patchwork by Michele Walker; Balantine Books/Dorling-Kindersley; 1983; 0-345-30911-1. Paperback
  15. Shoes for Free People by David & Inger Runk; Unity Press, 1976; 0-913300-44-6. Large-format paperback.
  16. Wood carving by Charles G. Leland, FRLS, MA; Coles Publishing Co. Ltd, 1980. Paperback.
  17. Patterns for Theatrical Costumes: Garments, Trim, and Accessories from Ancient Egypt to 1915 by Katherine Strand Holkeboer; Prentice Hall Press, 1984, 1987. 0-13-654260-3. 646′.47. Large-format paperback.
  18. Abc of Lettering by Carl Holmes; Walter Foster Art Books. Large-format paperback.
  19. Early Medieval Clothing edited by Paul Scruton; the Anglo-Saxon and Viking Research Unit, 1987. Large-format paperback.
  20. A&S Journal, Vol. I. Ealdormere, A.S. XIX. Lady Tamarra Amalthea de Romany, editor. Spiral-bound.
  21. Make Your Own Model Forts & Castles by Richard Cummings. David McKay Co., Inc. Photocopy.
  22. A Primer of the Art of Illumination for the Use of Beginners, etc. By F. Delamotte, 2nd edition, enlarges. Crosby Lockwood & Son, London, 1925. Photocopy.
  23. Queen Elizabeth’s Wardrobe Unlock’d: The Inventories of the Wardrobe of Robes prepared inJuly 1600, etc. Edited & with commentary by Janet Arnold, 1988. Large-format photocopy in crappy blue binder.
  24. Ideas and Patterns newsletter, May 26, 1990. reprinted by Barb Schofield for KeyCon ’90. Photocopy.
  25. A Few of My Favourtie Stores by Jacqui Ward. Photocopy.
  26. Patterns, enlarged for applique: Mainde & Unicorn; Strolling Minstrel; Unicorn in Captivity
  27. Seven loose pages with outlines and explanations of paintings: Emperor Charles V; John of Gaunt & his wife Phillipa (2); the Battle of Nancy; Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick & Salisbury; John, 2nd Lord Beaumont; Flint Castle, Henry Plantagenet & Richard II (2).
  28. Notes on a talk given at Ryerson College, Toronto, by Janet Arnold, September 9, 1993.
  29. To the King’s Taste: Richard II’s book of feasts, recipes, from The Forme of Cury. Adapted for modern cooking by Lorna J. Sass, Metropolitan Museum of Art. 1975. Photocopy in red binder.
  30. The Complete Book of Sewing: Dressmaking and sewing for the home made easy by Constance Talbot; The Greystone Press, 1943, 1955. 55-10778. Hardcover.
  31. Makind Costumes 2: Resources from the collection of London Public Library. A guide to pattern books and techniques compiled by Laura MacRae, Social Sciences Librarian. 1994. Paperback
  32. Celtic Art: the Methods of Construction by George Bain. Wm. MacLellan & Co., Ltd., Glasgow, 1951; Dover Books, 1973. 0-486-22923-8. Large paperback.
  33. Ormbook 1: 25 Interlace Designs for Color or Crewel, designed by John R. Benson; Orm Press, 1975, 1983. Paperback
  34. Historic Costume for the Stage by Lucy Barton, ill. by David Sarvis; Walter H. Baker Co., Boston. 1935, 1961. Photocopy.
  35. The Dress of the Venetians 1495-1525 (Pasold Studies in Textile History 7) by Stella Mary Newton; Scolar Press, 1988. 0-85967-735-4. Photocopy in purple binder.
  36. How to Cook Forsoothly by Mistress Katrine de Baillie du Chat, O.L. Raymond’s Quiet Press, 1979. Softcover, spiral-bound.
  37. Ealdormere Arts and Sciences Journal, vol ii., compiled by Tamarra Amalthea de Romany.
  38. The Official Middle Kingdom Song Book, Countess Valmai Arcalien, ed. Lyrics, some notation. Softcover in a black binder.


  1. Homosexual Saints of the Roman Catholic Church: The Passion of SS. Serge and Bacchus. From the Abbot Cajetan Fitzpatrick collection.
  2. Hymn to Homosexual Saints, Sixth Century. From the Abbot Cajetan Fitzpatrick collection.
  3. Heterosexual Marriage “Period”, 12th & 16th Centuries. From the Abbot Cajetan Fitzpatrick collection.
  4. Adoption and Brotherhood Ceremonies: 12/13/& 15th Centuries. From the Abbot Cajetan Fitzpatrick collection.
  5. Western Europe in the Middle Ages: 300-1475, 4th edition, by Brian Tierney & Sidney Painter; Alfred A. Knopf, 1983, 0-394-33060-9. Hardcover.
  6. Readings in Medieval History, edited by Patrick J. Geary; Broadview Press, 1989. 0-921149-38-7. Paperback.
  7. Flanders in the Fifteenth Century: Art and Civilization. Catalogue of the Exhibition Masterpieces of Flemish Art: Vey Eycki to Bosch. Organized by the Detroit Institute of Arts and the city of Bruges. 1960.
  8. The Travels of Sir John Mandeville; an abridged version with commentary by Norman Denny and Josephine Filmer-Sankey.William Collins Sons & Co Ltd., 1973. 0-00-192329-3. Hardcover.
  9. Ancient Campania, volume 1: Cumae and the Phlegraean Fields by A.G. McKay; The Vergilian Society, Cromlech Press, Hamilton, ON. 1972. Paperback.
  10. Ancient Campania, volume 2: Naples and Coastal Campania by A.G. McKay; The Vergilian Society, Cromlech Press, Hamilton, ON. 1972. Paperback.
  11. The Economic Development of Medieval Europe by Robert-Henri Bautier; Thames and Hudson, London. 1971. 0-500-32021-2. Paperback.
  12. Historical map of Wales and Monmouth by L.G. Bullock; John Bartholomew & Son Ltd., Edinburgh. Paperback.
  13. Das Wesertal von Hannoversch-Münden, von Dr. H. Poppe-Marquard; Kleine, mehrsprachige bilbandreihe Band 4; Verlag A. Fromm, Osnabrück. In German, English, Dutch, French. Small hardcover.
  14. The Knight in History by Frances Gies; Harper and Row, 1984. 0-06-015339-3. Photocopy in black binder.
  15. The Socio-Political Structure of Early Iceland by Ragnheiðr vísakona Þórbjarnardóttir. Photocopy by author, with note to Fiona. 1997.