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New to the SCA?


Greetings and welcome to the Barony of Rising Waters.

There are so many exciting options open to people who are new to the SCA.

If you are the sort of person who is interested in history, likes to make things, likes to do things instead of just reading about them, likes to travel, and is willing to work a bit to help out, the SCA may be for you.

As you can learn from following the links elsewhere on our webpage, the SCA tries to re-create the flavour of the Middle Ages through costuming, feasting, dancing, fighting, fencing, archery, the study and practice of the arts and sciences, and heraldry. The Dream is to be as authentically medieval as your research, talents and budget allow. We put all this together in what are called “events” which are usually held on Saturdays, but occasionally take up a long weekend or, in the case of major wars like Pennsic or Estrella, last a week or two.

Since we are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the education of ourselves and others, we also put on demonstrations for schools, Scouts, and other groups, as well as marching in parades like the Grape and Wine Festival Parade in St. Catharines. All our demonstrators are volunteers, so their availability is often constrained by work schedules.

In Rising Waters, we try to have both archery practices and fight practices every month in addition to our monthly business meeting. All are welcome to attend. See the Calendar for further details.

Welcome to the Current Middle Ages! We hope you will like it here.

More Resources & Information for Newcomers may be found HERE


Please feel free to join either our Facebook Group and introduce yourself! We are glad to meet new people interested in our hobby!

If newcomers have any questions please contact our , Rhys of Anglesey.