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About Her Excellency

Baroness Sciath at Pennsic War 49

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Baroness at


The Baroness is the ceremonial head of the Barony, the King and Queen’s representative within the group, and the Barony’s representative to the other branches across the SCA.  Baroness Sciath is a lady from the late 13th century lowlands of Scotland, living near to the Firth of Clyde, with her Lord husband, Ieua ap Gwyllym and child Akazimi. Further details are available on the Ealdormere Wiki.

Champions of the Barony

Baronial champions represent the finest the Barony has to offer. Champions are charged to defend the honour of Her Excellency Rising Waters, the populace, and the Kingdom, whenever called upon to do so. During their tenure, champions are granted the right to wear and use the regalia of their position, and stand in Her Excellency’s Court.

Armoured Combat: Lord Iustus di Cordoba

Thrown Weapons: Baroness Gema Krasil’nikova

Fencing Combat: Sir Richard Larmer

Archery: Masteritsa Nika Dmitrieva doch’ Zvezdina

Arts and Sciences: Lady Gelleia le Vinter

Bardic Arts: HE Baron Valdr Jarnsmithr

Youth Champion: TBD

Baronial Youth Corps

This program is for youth in Our Barony, aged 7 to 17, is intended to foster youth in services, combat arts, and Arts & Sciences by providing them with the opportunity for to learn and demonstrate chivalry, honor, responsibility, courtesy, leadership and passion for history.  Contact Her Excellency Sciath, to find out more about the Baronial Youth Corps, at

Taxes – Due at Lady Mary, 2023

I’d like to thank all who paid last year’s Baronial tax, to perform a service for another. This year’s tax is a challenge to extol the merits of their fellow Rising Waters nobles (or the community itself) in a boast – either recorded, live in a virtual context, or written in an email to Her Excellency.

Court Herald

Lord Ieuan ap Gwylym (Stuart Crump) is Her Excellency’s appointed court herald. He is very open to help from any heralds at large, and supporting new heralds in the Barony.