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Lady Mary, the History

As promised, I’ve come with more history of the Lady Mary Memorial Tournament. The Lady Mary Memorial Tournament is named after Lady Mary Campbell of Inverary, a Lady who was active in the early SCA Barony of Rising Waters. She passed away on October 25th, 1987 and the Barony’s first major tournament was named after her. The charge in her arms was a swan, so you will see swans prominently in the decorations at the event. It is now a long-standing annual event (all plagues aside) hosted every May (usually) by the Barony of Rising Waters in the Kingdom of Ealdormere. It is popular not only with Ealdormereans, but because of its long history and close proximity to Æthelmearc and the Midrealm, there is generally a substantial foreign presence, as can be attested in the record of tournament champions.

This event is notable as a being a Prestige Tourney, and the event includes tournaments for fencing, heavy combat, archery and thrown weapons tournaments; participants of all four tournaments are welcome to participate in the event processional of all combatants and their consorts. Voice heralds have been available in recent years to boast in each competitor, and combatants have the chance to declare whom they are fighting for and usually give a short speech on how their inspiration inspires them. Youth tournaments may be held, when there is interest and available youth marshals. In the spirit of the tournament, all combatants are encouraged to make a fine heraldic display and to fight in the most chivalrous possible manner. Legends suggest that the winners of the Lady Mary Memorial Tournaments are the ones to watch at the Spring Crown Tournament, which is usually the next event in Ealdormere.

This event also hosts merchants, and an Arts & Science competition. This year’s A&S Activities include a pre-event virtual scavenger hunt, and a mystery box activity. Following the tournaments, the Baroness of Rising Waters invites nine additional nobles to present Lady Mary Favours. These favours are unique each year and are created by the Baroness, herself. Favours may be given for diverse recognization, from a fantastic death in the list to dedicated service, to chivalric manner and dress. The name of tournament champions are inscribed on the tournament trophies, of which there are four, and displayed at the event. The Lady Mary Memorial Tournament Feast historically features dishes served to welcome Spring, including lamb.We look forward to hosting this year’s Lady Mary Memorial Tournament on April 30th.

YIS, Sciath
Baroness of Rising Waters