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Lady Mary Memorial Tournament II: Fencing Tournament

This tournament was established in A.S. XXXI (mundanely, in May 1996). Like challengers in the armour combat tournament, fencers participate in the formal procession of all combatants with their consorts. Voice heralds are available to boast in each competitor, and combatants publicly declare whom they are fighting for and usually give a short speech on how their inspiration inspires them.

The 2022 Fencing Tournament at Lady Mary will be a Double Elimination Tournament, with the winner determined in a best 2 out of 3 for each bout (time allowing). The challengers in this tournament should bring their spiffiest gear, and aim to impress the gallery with their gallantry.

The name of the champions of each tournament is on the tournament trophy. Inscribed on the fencing tournament trophy are the following champions:

XXXI – Lord Frasier McLeod
XXXII – Lord Frasier McLeod
XXXIII – Lady Eryny Ormarsdottir
XXXIV – Lord Cerdic Weyfare
XXXV – Kildare for Josephine
XXXVI – Lord Hoskuld Thor Leiksson for Eryny
XXXVII – Kildare for Josephine
XXXVIII – Kildare for Josephine
XXXIX – R. Fitzalwynn for Allison
XL – Sabastian for Shannon
XLI – THL Vladislav Tepelus
XLII – Lord Gareth of Eoforwic
XLIII – Lord Gareth Campbell
XLVI – THL Vladislav for H.E. Aibhilin
XLVIII – Alexander Du Lac
XLIX – THL Gareth Campbell
L – Duke Edward for Duchess Rylyn
LII – Duchess Kaylah the Cheerful for Duke Trumbrand the Wanderer
LIII – THL Gareth Campbell
LIV – THL Gareth Campbell
LV – Plague year
LVI – Plague year

Baroness of Rising Waters