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Lady Mary Memorial Tournament III: Archery Tournament

So, I’ve told you about the Prestige Armoured Combat Tournament, and the Fencing Tournament – it’s time now, for the Lady Mary Memorial Archery Tournament. This tournament was established in 1992 (Anno Societatis XXVIII), and has grown in size each year. Competitors, and their inspirations, participate in the processional at the start of the day, and vie for the Archery Cup. Inscribed on the base of the cup are the names of champions of the archery tournament, including:

XXVIII – Milord Richard Belsham
XXVIII – Lord Bernard Sebastian deWolf
XXIX – Aelfric the Kestrel / Lord Bernard Sebastian deWolf
XXXI – Forrester Aelfric the Kestrel
XXXII – Forrester Aelfric the Kestrel
XXXIII – Lord Aidan Sceotend Aet Theum Mistrigum Merum
XXXIV – Forrester Aelfric the Kestrel
XXXV – Forrester Aelfric the Kestrel
XXXVI – Baron Connor Bowsplitter
XXXVII – Llywyllyn for Fruachan
XXXVIII – Llywyllyn for Fruachan
XXXIX – Connor for Ruadh
XL – Aelfric for Rose
XLI – Baron Connor Bowsplitter
XLII – THL Caleb Reynolds
XLIII – Baron Connor Bowsplitter
XLVI – Lady Katerin Starck
XLVII – THL Milhim Ibn Rashid
L – Mistress Nicolaa for Master Gunther
LII – THL Brendan
LIII – THL Ulvar van der Nederlander
LIV – THL Aelfric the Kestral for Magistra Sciath

You’ll see many names repeated in this listing, and I look forward to seeing whose name will be added (or repeated!) this year.

Baroness of Rising Waters