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Shop Update

Just a quick shop update from your friendly neighborhood Webminister! Our webstore has been online for just about 4 months now and we’re pretty pleased with the results so far!

We have had a total of 5 transactions take place. This has both earned the Barony $160 and also brought down the size of our stash of garb.

There are some updates to the shop happening as well:

  1. the cost for shipping unfortunately was bumped up to $15. Shipping packages in Canada unfortunately is pricey and CanadaPost is raising their prices again soon. We highly enourage you to make use of the community and get an SCA courier for your items if you’re not able to pick up locally
  2. The shop team (consisting of myself and our Chatelaine Rhys) have been working on getting some addional fun items to add to the shop.. so coming soon will be some Barony Heraldry stickers!
Barony of Rising Waters Heraldry in the form of a 3 inch sticker – dice for scale

Please check out our shop policies page if you have any questions about the blog, or you can email myself, Bera, at or our Chatelaine, Rhys, at

Bera Oddsdottir
Webminister, Barony of Rising Waters