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Shop Update 2!

Hello my dear Rising Waters friends! Today I bring you more news from our gorgeous official shop.

As you know, due to inflation, the cost for shipping was bumped up to $15. During our last update we promised that we’d be bringing some fun stickers to the shop soon and did we deliver! Check out or new awesome merch and snag yourself some Rising Waters stickers as well as our Rainbow Pride Devices to show your support! There are discounts for purchasing in groups of 2!

Barony of Rising Waters Heraldry in the form of a 3 inch sticker
Shnazzy rainbow Heraldry stickers!

Both can be purchased HERE in our shop! Along with many fine articles of garb. Get ready for the cooler season with some new clothes!

Please check out our shop policies page if you have any questions about the blog, or you can email us, Bera, at or our Chatelaine, Rhys, at

Rhys of Anglesey
Chatelaine, Barony of Rising Waters