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Baroness Sciath’s News of Crown Tourney

Thirteen competitors entered the list, and we witnessed Count (now Prince) Steinarr Agarrson (inspired by Baroness Margraig) stand triumphant. There was many a noble act on the list that day – wassail for the honour of Ealdormere! I was also thrilled to witness the formal wedding of Alix Thyme and Jaina, officiated by Baroness Kersteken of Septentria! And, I bore witness to Sir Richard Larmer accepting the pledge of a new squire, Michaelis. Congratulations! Finally, witnessing Dame Helena Frei joining the Order of the Laurel was amazing – and seeing Mistress Asa Gormansdottir granted a writ for the Order of the Pelican was a real pleasure.

I’d like to thank Their Majesties for the opportunity to host Their Crown Tournament, and I am immensely proud of the event team for delivering the event so well. Noble Rhys of Anglesey became the event steward a few months before the event, and they did a fantastic job of recruiting volunteers and steering the event planning through the end of the pandemic. Lord Crespin le Fae, our gatekeeper, did a fantastic job in his first event in this role! Anita of Rising Waters, you are a true treasure, and I’m grateful that you coordinated a successful experience with a lunch truck for the event. Further appreciation to those who supported me directly, including my herald-husband, ThL Ieuan ap Gwylim, and my good friends who travelled from the far East, Lady Iuliana Angelina and Lord James de Northebrok, and everyone who pitched in at the event to help ensure things went so smoothly.

Their Majesties have written to me to let me know that they “really appreciate all the effort that went into running a Kingdom-level event. The event was a great success. The new site is excellent. Your event staff was wonderful, and you ordered both a delicious food truck and warm sunny weather. Rising Waters remains one of our favourite baronies to visit. Thank you for your hospitality.”

On a personal note, I had a fantastic time working with the list team, and appreciate learning the process at the hand of THL Johanna Herst. While I usually support crown as a herald, it was fascinating to support this event from a different perspective. I’m hyped for our next event in May, the 2023 Lady Mary Memorial Tournament, in which Noble Crespin le Fae is my co-steward. There will be a tavern lunch, a feast, and prestige tournaments of all flavours as we celebrate the flower of chivalry in Spring.

YIS, Sciath of Rising Waters