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Kingdom Arts and Sciences

From Their Majesties:

Greetings Autocrat Sciath and Autocrat Nika, and the good people of Rising Waters,

Thank you for hosting Us at Kingdom A&S. We are always impressed with the hospitality of Rising Waters. Mistress Annabelle once again generously provided the Royal Family with sustenance to see Us through Our duties of the day.

The event was just lovely, as events in the good Barony of Rising Waters always are. The tradition of coffee is always appreciated by everyone! Including dayboard in the site fee was a great idea. Having everyone enjoy a meal together really brought a nice sense of community to the gathering. Baroness Gema and her cooks served a delicious selection of foods, and everyone had plenty.

On a personal note, We were very much amused to watch Master Gunther maintain his “cover story” by doing an extra long gate duty with Baron Dimitri, and then jump straight into entertaining the Queen & King with games. It was all worth it to see the surprised look on Mistress Sciath’s face. At every event, there is one memorable moment that stays with you, and for Us, it was Mistress Nika and Master Gunther speaking together in unison to beg the boon, followed by the incredible crowd response. It is clear that Rising Waters genuinely loves and supports their Baroness! This unity of fellowship is what makes Rising Waters such a wonderful place.

In appreciation,

Kaylah, Queen by Right of Arms

Trumbrand, King of Grace and Twice the Patience

Baroness Sciath kneels before Queen Kaylah, surrounded by the order of the Pelican