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Report from Lady Mary Memorial Tournament

Greetings good gentles,

As we sit in repose this morning, with the Lady Mary Memorial Tournament ending once more, my mind turns to thoughts of gratitude. I think that we demonstrated the pride and joy of Rising Waters for Their Majesties visit to Our fair Barony. The Noble Corcrán was my co-steward in this year’s event and did an admirable job in their first steading as steward. Thank you for all of your hard work and support! Noble Rhys, our event Gatekeeper, joined by TH Lord Iuean, Noble Corcrán, and Mistress Rozi, greeted 140 guests at the Barony yesterday. Lunch was provided by Baron Valdr, with support from Mistress Abhilin, and I personally saw many happy smiles over the mid-day meal.

This Lady Mary Tournament saw the largest processional we have seen in a long while (even before the pandemic!), with 79 entrants! A hearty note of thanks to Seamus, Liadin and Nicole for heralding an impressive line of nobles to process into court. Once court was paused, the fencing tournament got underway. I truly appreciate the dedication and hard work of our marshals, who make this prestige tournament a reality. Maestro Albrecht Stampfer, the Marshal in Charge of fencing, ran the tournament using a Round Robin format, with the best 2 out of 3 wins (if time permits) to find this year’s tournament champion. Duchess Kaylah and Duke Trumbrand tied for third place, Duke Roak placed second, and Duke Edward won the day on the fencing list. Thanks also to Mistress Rozi for helping to marshal the fencing lists. Lord Iustus di Cordoba, Marshal in Charge for Armoured Combat, ran used a Double Elimination Format, with the best 2 of 3 wins to find this year’s champion. Duke Trumbrand and Duke Edward met in the final round, with Duke Edward the victor in the armoured combat list! Double win for Duke Edward! Thanks also to Baron Dimitri, vigilant Guillaume and Mattias for your help marshalling the armoured lists.

I’d like to extend a special note of gratitude and echo Iustu’s words to Mistress Johanna and Lady Margaret for your heroic display of chivalric virtue at the list table yesterday.

On the archery range, Magistra Nike Archery ran a Yeomen of the Wolf shoot and a Lady Mary Tourney featuring Flowers and butterflies. Baroness Thalia Papillon, of the Barony of Rhydderich Hael won the Champion’s prize! Thanks going to Master Percival for helping to marshal the archery range, with great appreciation from all on the range. Mistress Catriona ran the thrown weapons range, with Master Daniel winning the Champion’s prize for thrown weapons. Unfortunately, a misadventure was recorded on the thrown weapons range, and I have discussed these serious matters with Their Majesties. Words of contrition were offered in court, on behalf of the TH Lord Grimmroth, and while we recognize that no malicious intent was meant – damage has occurred. We will take counsel on the appropriate compensation to be met at a future event.

The first Scholar’s Tournament was coordinated by Countess Genevieve Chastellaine D’Anjou, with each entrant changed with three tasks – 1. Bring a completed project (of any A&S discipline) for display, 2. Complete a project on the day of the event, and 3. Perform or Demonstrate a skill. Seven entrants completed all three tasks, and the judges (Her Majesty Margraig, Mistress Abhilin and myself) had a difficult time choosing a victor. In final discussions, Lord Graham Day was declared the winner of the tournament, which will now be known as the Mistress Rachel McLellan Memorial Scholar’s Tournament. Special recognition was given to Kion, a youth entrant who entered with scribal projects.

Throughout the day, lady Alis Grenewode coordinated a silent auction to raise funds for a new Baronial common shade. Her steadfast management of the auction, collecting donations and confirming workshops/experiences for the auction, and managing the auction at the event were noted by many. While I don’t know the final amount raised, I appreciate everyone’s support for the Barony and hope that you enjoy your winnings.

Once the meeting of the Order of Chivalry concluded, court was re-opened. Their Majesties and I held a nearly joint court! Two of the nobles were doubly recognized – Lord Floki and Noble Rhys! Wassail! I was also able to recognize Baron Caleb Reynolds, of the Barony of Rhyderich Hael with an Award of the Red Pillar, as he has long been a stable ally and support of Rising Waters. The tournament winners were each presented with their prize – stained-glass lanterns, and well-hailed for their accomplishments! The day offered further recognition as two new baronial champions were presented and affirmed. I thank Baroness Gema for serving as Baronial Champion of Thrown Weapons, and welcome Lord Jotun-Bjorn to the role. In addition, I thank Magistra Nika for her service as Archery Champion, and welcome Lady Eydis Dryffa to that role. Wassail for Gema and Nike – and Wassail for the new Champions, Jotun-Bjorn and Eydis! Throughout the day, Lady Biotta had hidden many small green frog figures, and the winner, Lady Clare presented the crowned frog to receive her reward – wassail! Finally, lord Ama I De presented a fencing mask in court, painted for Maclun Brokker, who will take up arms at FooL next week.

Mistress Annabelle took charge of the feast, as feast steward, and lead her team in the kitchen including Taka, Valdr, Roz, and Nick. Sir Richard presented feast to the Hall, and guests were well-attended. I particularly enjoyed the lamb pies, stewed vegetables, and vanilla custard with sugared violets. The presentation was beautiful, and echoed the theme of the day, the flower of chivalry, with edible flowers. Baron Valdr coordinated several performances throughout dinner, from Lady Dorothea of Holm, lord Ama I De, Mistress Rozi Galea, and Baron Valdr. Her Majesty was moved to recognize Valdr with a gift for his story of Freya and her gift of cats. I was moved by the humour in Rozi’s story and gifted her with a goblet. Thank you all for the laughter, deep thoughts, and epic tellings.

Today, the equipment and gear is being put into storage, the event report drafted, and feedback collected. Thank you to all our friends who joined us yesterday, The many recollections of Lady Mary and Baroness Fiona made the day all the more special. Thank you to the inestimable team who worked so hard – you have earned a good rest!

Yours in Service,

Sciath ingen Chaennaig,

Baroness of Rising Waters