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Note of Thanks from the 2024 Kingdom A&S Tournament Event Stewards

It is truly a pleasure when we have the opportunity to host Their Majesties’, King Baldric and Queen Breyla, Arts and Sciences Tournament! celebrating the bounty of diverse talent that are Ealdormere’s artisans and their works. It was an honour to work with Mastyeritsa Marina Anastasia Ozeroski once again and support her leadership in our fair kingdom. The event team was joined by the lovely Lady Magaret du May, who, although injured, coordinated the bounteous lunch table with support from Their Graces, Trumbrand and Kaylah, Baroness Gema, and noble Ren. Baron Dmitri and HL Ieuan greeted every guest at our gates, whom we thank for their stalwart efforts to weather the season’s unpredictability.

We’d like to thank a few more volunteers who helped to support the event – our set up coordinator, Noble Rhys; Site token artisan, Ren; Sir Richard and Mistress Annabelle ensured that Their Majesties and Their Highnesses, Prince Evander and Princess Marioun; Event herald, Lord Grimr; and the support of lady Elizabeth. Thank you to all those who helped set up the event and put back so many tables at the close of the day.

We each bore witness to the wonderous talent, and I left inspired by many conversations with entrants and judges. Congratulations to each of the event entrants and to HL Amelye Merriman – Ealdormere’s new pentathlon winner and Arts and Sciences Champion. I would like to personally thank Liadin kinari Chu, for choosing to celebrate her elevation to the Order of the Laurel at home in Rising Waters. We are fortunate to count you among our community. Wassail to the Throne of Ealdormere! Wassail to Their Highnesses Ealdormere! Wassail to the might of Ealdormere’s artistic ferocity!

Now to chase down the last of the receipts, and finish up the event report.

Yours in Service,

Baroness Sciath ingen Chaennaig and Lord Iustus di Cordoba (2024 Kingdom A&S Tournament co-Stewards)