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Baronial Elections

2019 Baronal Elections Issue

Their Excellencies, Baron Dmitri and Baroness Gema, announced on Saturday, May 11, 2019, at the Lady Mary Memorial Tournament, that they intend to step down from the Baronial Seats of Rising Waters.

Thus begins the election process, as outlined in the Baronial Succession Policy, found here.

Investiture – Sep 14 2019

New Hope Church – 2360 First Street Louth, St. Catharines, ON

More info will be available soon

The Candidate

During Court at War of the Trillium, Saturday June 29th it was announced that the Candidate for Baroness of Rising Waters is Magistra Sciath ingen Chaennaig.

Read about her Baronial Journey Here

Baronial Election Schedule – Order of Events

May 11 – Their Excellencies announce the start of the election period. Letters of Intent from the Candidates will be accepted by Their Excellencies and the Baronial Seneschal.

At the same time the Baronial Succession Policy shall be published. This information shall also be made available at all meetings, practices, workshops, local events and on the Baronial newsgroup, or by e-mail to anyone who should wish a copy. The policy is also available on the Kingdom of Ealdormere website – in the Library files.

At the application deadline, the list of prospective candidates will be sent to the Crown (present and Heirs) and the Kingdom Seneschal for approval.

Upon return and approval from the Royals and the Seneschal, the list shall be finalized and the successful Candidates will be notified.

Trillium War – Their Majesties will announce the successful Candidates. The first meet and greet with the candidates will occur after the annoucement.

Meet and Greets: Residents will have the opportunity to meet ask the candidates questions.

July 14th & July 21st
Baronial Picnic and Polling Days
(event specfics available soon)

Voting/Polling: The Baronial Seneschal will prepare the ballots and the non-member polling according to corpora and Kingdom law. The polling process will take no longer than 30 days.

Members who cannot attend the voting days may submit their votes via email or mail.

E-mail or mail in poll will be accepted only up until Friday July 19th at 11:59pm. This is the Friday prior to the last day of polling. You have to include your full mundane name, SCA name, address, phone number,email and membership number. We will need to have this information physically in your e-mail or letter for your poll to be counted.

Vote/Poll Tallying: The Baronial Seneschal, the Baron and Baroness and Kingdom Seneschal shall tally the poll results. The Baron and Baroness of Rising Waters, the Baronial Seneschal and the Kingdom Seneschal or their appointed representative shall witness the poll results tally and if necessary, verify results.

The poll results shall be presented to the Crown for approval. The non-member poll shall also be presented for the Crown’s information.

Should the Candidate(s) meet with the Crown’s approval, the Crown will announce the successful candidate at an event of their choice.

Sept. 14 – The current Baron and Baroness will step down, and the new Baron and/or Baroness will be invested by the Crown of Ealdormere.

Applicant’s Announcement

30 days after the announcement of the current Baron & Beroness stepping down there will be another announcment for the Applicant’s that have been accepted by crown. This was made at Trillium War.

Even if there is only one application we do need to do a Populous Polling to assure the Royalty that the Barony has confidence that the Candidate is accepted by the baronial process. If you have any questions on this process please contact Baroness Annabelle Makmyllane (Sabrina Perrin) our Baronial Seneschal.

Qualification for Candidacy

Any individual wishing to be considered for the honour of the Baron and/or Baroness of Rising Waters:

  1. Be acceptable to the crown.
  2. Be an international or family member in good standing of the S.C.A. at least 6 months and active in the Barony for 1 year prior to the announcement of the stepping down of the present Baron and Baroness.
  3. Be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  4. All candidates must meet the requirements as set out by Corpora and Kingdom Law.
  5. Candidates may be an individual or a couple.
  6. If the Baronial Seneschal and or the sitting Baron and Baroness are running in the election, then the Kingdom Seneschal shall appoint Deputies to run the Baronial Election.