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This is the recognized website for The Barony of Rising Waters in the Kingdom of Ealdormere (Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc).

This website is maintained by The Barony of Rising Waters Web Minister ( ). This site may contain electronic versions of the group’s governing documents or links to those documents in other domains. Any discrepancies between the electronic version of any information on this site and the printed version that is available from the originating office will be decided in favour of the printed version.

Copyright © 2014 Barony of Rising Waters.
The original contributors retain the copyright of certain portions of this site.

For information on using photographs, articles, or artwork from this website, please contact the Rising Water’s . They will assist you in contacting the original creator of the piece. Please respect the legal rights of our contributors.

Some of the links from this website will lead you to the websites of other people, organizations, merchants and/or commercial operations. These External links are not part of the Rising Waters web site. Inclusion of a page or site here is neither implicit nor explicit endorsement on our part of that site. We (SCA, Inc., The Kingdom of Ealdormere, and The Barony of Rising Waters) are not responsible for content external to this web domain (specifically: External links are provided in the hopes that they may be of use in enriching your SCA experience.

Vector Format of the Baronial heraldic artwork are drawn by THL Eirik Andersen, Lord Thorolfr inn Smithr and Syr Edouard Beausoleil and obtained from the Kingdom of Ealdormere site. All other artwork is by Dover Electronic Clip Art unless otherwise credited.

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The Barony of Rising Waters is committed to maintaining the privacy of its members. Personal information will not be published on any SCA-recognized Internet site unless permission first is obtained from the specific individual

At any time should you wish to have your information changed or removed, please contact the and your request will be fulfilled as quickly as possible.