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Exchequer Job Posting

Greetings to all

I am currently looking for a successor to become the next Baronial Exchequer for the Barony of Rising Waters.  I will be resigning from my post with an absolute last date of May 2021.  I would like to have someone step up prior to May of 2021 so that I can show them the ropes and get them settled into the job.  This is an important position, as without an exchequer, we cannot have a Barony.

The position of Baronial Exchequer requires the following:


  • A valid official SCA membership
  • Attendance and reporting at monthly Baronial Officer meetings, virtually or in person.
  • Retaining all Baronial banking information for an eight year retention period, which currently fits in a single banker’s box.
  • Sending a quarterly report four times per year to the Kingdom Exchequer
    • January to March, report due May 15th
    • April to June, report due August 15th
    • July to September, report due November 15th
    • October to December, report due February 15th


  • Tracking local Baronial income and expenses
  • Depositing money from local events, fight practices, mega practices, and fund raisers
  • Writing Cheques to reimburse members for expenses that were agreed upon by the Barony
    • Note:  all cheques must be countersigned by a bank authorized signatory


  • Ensuring that the local Baronial financial policy is up to date

Event Related

  • Tracking local Event income and expenses
  • Writing cheques to pay for the site and to reimburse members for expenses that were agreed upon by the Barony
  • Getting the float ready for local Baronial events
  • Collecting money and counting the tills at the end of local Baronial events

As Needed

  • Ensuring that the bank account signatories list is up to date and updating as needed when there is a change of officer.
    • Signatories include:
      • the Baronial Exchequer
      • the Kingdom Exchequer
      • the Baronial Seneschal
      • the Deputy Baronial Seneschal – if there is one
      • an agreed upon member of the Financial committee – if there is one.

BARON & BARONESS are not allowed to be signatories.

Signatories are not permitted to be members of the same household.

I know that it seems like a lot, however, even before the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown of all SCA events, we were not a busy Barony.  We typically only hold two or three large events per year, a few mega practices, and fight practices.  Some quarters there is almost nothing to do except for writing a few cheques, making a few deposits, and the Quarterly Report.

If being the Baronial Exchequer sounds like a service that you  would like to perform, please send an email to


Jowan nyn Ranell