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Lady Mary Memorial Tournament

Barony of Rising Waters
Proudly Presents

Lady Mary Memorial Tournament 

11 May 2024
Doors open 9 am
Close 10 pm

Location: Bethany Family Church
1388 Third Street Louth, St. Catharines, ON L2R 6P9


Non-member $30
Member: $20
Youth 16 and under – Free


Mid-Day Feast $10 Pre-order preferable with Limited Day of availability
Fighter’s Feast $7 by Pre-order ONLY

Please register for feast at  (Please note that if you do not reply within 24 hours, assume we have not received your reservation)


9 am                         Doors open
                                           Please bring auction items to the auction table
                                           Participants sign up for the Scholars Tournament at Gate
9:30 am                    Meeting for the Order of the Pelican
10:30 am                  Opening Court/Procession of Tournament Entrants and their Inspirations
11:30 am                  Silent Auction opens
12pm – 4pm             Mid-Day Feast will be available
Tournaments to begin following morning court 
3pm                         Her Majesty’s Cartoon Salon 
4pm                         Silent Auction closes            
5pm                         Court (at Their Majesties’ pleasure)

Event Staff

Event Steward: Baroness Gema Krasil’nikova (Jennifer Hardie)

Mid-Day Feast Steward: lord Hrorikr zem Himel (Jareth Etty)

Merchant Liaison: Lady Bera Oddsdottir (Angie Gott)

Head Gatekeeper: Countess Genevieve Chastellain d’Anjou

Lady Mary Memorial Tournaments

Rain or shine, martial combat will be held outdoors. There is a covered pavilion however, if rain happens, the pavilion has its own bathrooms.

The Diamond Armoured Combat Tournament Format – MIC: Lord Iustus di Cordoba

The Saphire Fencing Tournament Format – MIC: Maestro Albrecht Stampfer

Archery Tournament Details – MIC: Magistra Nika Dmitrieva doch’Zvezdina

1) Seasonal Archery Shoot. This is a “golf” shoot that requires nine arrows, so bring your extras! You are looking to score the lowest amount possible. This is a shoot that has been run before several years ago, although I can’t remember which event. Four rounds total, including two timed rounds.

2) Yeomen shoot. We’ll be unveiling the shoot for the year, which is a wand-type shoot, but on a round target, with angle determined by a spinner.

3) The Lady Mary Memorial tourney (your chance to get your name on a trophy). Two parts: 1) Jewellery shoot at two different ranges (points for hitting the gold parts, more points for the jewels) and 2) gemstone shoot at a field of gems. Four rounds total. There may be a slight amount of evil involved in part 2.

For those who just want to stop by and shoot casually, you are welcome at any time except during the Lady Mary shoot.

Thrown Weapons Tournament Details – MIC: Baroness Christiana MacNamara

The Mistress Rachael Catherine McLellan Memorial Scholar’s Tournament Details – Coordinator: Baroness Sciath

An A&S Tournament in three parts: 1. A completed project; 2. A project to complete at the event; 3. A demonstration or performance at the event. Documentation is appreciated, but not required. Registration to participate is not required. Contact Baroness Sciath at if you have any questions.

Cartoon Artists

Call for submissions to a celebration of SCA Cartoon Artists. Matted art will be displayed throughout the day. 

In the late afternoon, Her Majesty Marioun and Her Excellency Sciath, will host an artists reception. All admirers of our talented artists are invited to attend and show their appreciation. There may even be a cartoon art battle!

Take Heed and Gather Arms Mighty Youth of Ealdormere… Whispers have foretold of a great Norse Invasion by waterways near Our Lands of Rising Waters. We fear the invasion is planned to arrive at our Prestigious event, the Lady Mary Memorial Tournament. The Great Duck Horde seeks to invade these lands and steal them from the Crown. Her Excellency Rising Waters Calls for Aid and rallies the Wolf Cubs of Ealdormere. Take up your arms and seek those of the Duck Hoard… protect these Lands and seek riches and renown!

For the parents:
There will be a multitude of tiny ducks hidden throughout the event site. No ducks will be on or near any lists; the majority can be found in the main hall. There will be a table with various goods available for the children to exchange their ducks for. They will also be permitted to keep their ducks should they wish. This is a no-cost fun activity for the children. While there is no contest, we will be recording the number of ducks found by each child in order for the Baroness to recognize those who excel in protecting our Lands from the Great Duck Horde.

Silent Auction

Many items will be available for bidding. Come check out the auction counter and see if anything strikes your fancy! To donate items to this year’s auction, please email Sciath at

Bardic Competition


Feast Menu

Fighter’s Feast $7 by Pre-order ONLY

Hand-pie of choice (Pork and Apple or Créole Spice Veg ground with vegetables)

Celery and Carrots

2 Hard Boiled Eggs

Hummus (Traditional or Beet) and Pita

Sugar cookies

These will be packaged and available for pick up or delivery to list field.


Mid-Day Feast $10 Pre-order preferable with Limited Day of availability

Curry Lentil Soup

Lamb Stew

Hand-pies (Pork & Apple or Créole Veg ground w/vegi’s)

Self Service Charcuterie board available with Breads and butters (including honey butter) Pickled and raw vegetables, Hummus and Beet Hummus with pita’s.

Cupcakes (Chocolate and Vanilla) and sugar cookies.

This will be available from 12-4 in the “Feast” Area. BYO Feast Gear.

Mid-day Feast tokens will be available at Entry from the Gate Stewards. Please note we will not be having a dinner feast. Please direct pre-orders to include both SCA and Mundane name along with what Feast selection you wish to reserve for. If you are ordering Fighter’s Feast please indicate if you would like pick up or List Field Delivery. Please direct any questions to the same email.