In late September, Their Royal Majesties, Queen Kaylah V and her Consort Trumbrand V, Prince of Grace and Twice the Patience, were joyously Coronated in far-away Merlin, Ontario. We are very proud to have Their Royal Majesties hail from our own Barony yet again! This marks the second time that Queen Kaylah has taken the throne by right of arms, and is the first female SCA fighter to achieve this wondrous feat.

Gaijin Bahadur was put on vigil during Pennsic, and later elevated to Master of Defence at Coronation in a heartfelt ceremony.

After six long years, Baron Brand and Baroness Jocea will be gleefully stepping down from the Baronial seats at Huntsman’s Harvest, and our new Baronial Nobles are no other than (drum roll please)….Lord Jørgen and Lady Meredyth Llwellyn!! (hey wait, that’s me…) More on that in the Winter edition of the Ben Dunfirth Clarion!

As always, stay tuned to the Ealdormere website for more information regarding potential changes and/or restrictions on upcoming in-person events.

Yours In Service,

—HE Meredyth, Ben Dunfirth Chronicler