What an eventful few months we have had as both a Barony and a Kingdom! With so many events rammed into what remained of our calendar year once the province re-opened, it feels like every second weekend or so has been taken up with jaunting from one side of Ealdormere to the other since May. But it’s apparent by the excellent turn-out at every event, considering the remaining restrictions for gatherings both inside and outside have only just been dropped at the beginning of this month, that we’ve all missed one another during the Plague Times™.

This last-of-the-year’s quarterly edition of the Clarion reports on our own Baronial event (Huntsman’s Harvest) back in early October as well as the Kingdom events Crown Tournament and King’s Prize Tourney, as well as the recent Out of Kingdom Baronial Investiture of our Cousins to the South (in Aethelmarc) for good measure.

The next quarter in the new calendar year will be just as busy, with several highly anticipated events taking place between January and March; be sure to mark your calendars! As always, stay tuned to the official Ealdormere website calendar for more information regarding potential changes and/or restrictions on upcoming in-person events.

Looking forward to warmer days and shorter nights! Wassail Ben Dunfirth!

Yours In Service,

—HE Meredyth, Ben Dunfirth Chronicler