Pennsic was a glorious event and left many of our fighters and fencers looking for more, which we like to believe Huntsman’s Harvest delivered! New Baronial Champions were chosen in the four martial disciplines of fighting, fencing, thrown weapons, and archery. Wassail to our new Champions!

A new event celebrating Ealdormere’s 25th anniversary as a Kingdom, Gwyll y Flamm, was hosted in the east on Labour Day weekend, to which our beloved Baron Jorgen was chosen by her (then) Highness Breya as her Archery Champion. While HRH was not the ultimate winner of the day, Jorgen acquitted himself admirably with a near-perfect score on the field.


The Line of the North was secured for another term by the Coronation of TRM Baldric and Breyla into the high seats, on a beautiful fall day at a lovely event in Shakespeare, ON in late September. A third Wassail to our High King and Queen!

Yours In Service,

HE Meredyth, Ben Dunfirth Chronicler