We have reached the end of 2023, and oh what a year we’ve had!

With big changes such as a new weekly business meeting/fight practice location as of January 2024 and a “new” venue for Murder Melee, we expect things to be a bit different this coming year, but we will get through these upheavals together as a Barony (even for those who don’t like change).

With a full docket of local and Kingdom level events already on the Ealdormere calendar, none of us will lack for things to do and places to go. Now that everything is fully open again, I’m looking forward to seeing many Ben Dunfirthians at events doing all the fun things! And if you have any cool projects you have embarked upon this year, let the Chronicler know about it so it can be mentioned in the next issues of the Clarion!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Holidays and a fantastic New Year; and we’ll see you at the next event!

Yours In Service,

—HE Meredyth, Ben Dunfirth Chronicler