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Attending Events
Congratulations on attending your first event!  There’s an event every weekend if you are willing to drive far enough.  In the winter months, events are typically one-day affairs on the Saturday, running from morning till evening.  In summer months, we also have camping weekends that go from Friday to Sunday (or even longer).

To get ready for your first event there are a few things you will need:


​Everyone who attends an event is expected to make an attempt to dress in a medieval fashion.  It doesn’t need to be elaborate, and we are understanding that you might not have everything for a complete outfit to begin.  A tunic or dress, belt, and non-descript pants or shoes are all you need.  IF you have attended a local meeting someone there might help you sew your first outfit or loan you some garb to start.  If not, call the event steward before hand and see if loaner (or “Gold Key”) garb is available to borrow for the day.

Feast Gear

If you plan on buying lunch or dinner at the event, you’ll need something to eat on.  A cup or tankard, plate, bowl, spoon, fork and knife are all you need.  You can pick up something wooden or pewter at the local thrift store, or again your local event steward may have Gold Key feast gear for you to borrow for the day.

Directions and Site Fee

Below you will find a list of events on the ‘Event Calendar’.  IF you click on the event you want to go to, it will have an address and directions, and the cost for getting in the door.

That’s It!

That’s all you need to get ready … now go to the event!  When you get there, the registration desk (the ‘Gatekeeper’ or ‘Troll’) will have you sign a waiver and pay your fee.  If you tell them you are new, they will introduce you to some people and point out where and when the activities of the day are happening.

All you have to do at this point is get involved.  Ask if you can try some archery or thrown weapons.  Ask if you can volunteer to help the event staff, and that way you get to see how the SCA works and meet some people.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and don’t worry about remembering all the names or weird customs we have.

One More Thing…

The one thing that’s better than your first event … is your second event!  Don’t forget to ask when the next event is, what activities are happening, and how you can be a part of them.  Ealdormere is a smaller kingdom, which means there are plenty of opportunities to be involved…

Event Calendar

This is a list of upcoming events across Ontario that our local groups hold.  If you are interested in attending, we’d be happy to help you attend!