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Social Media – Frequently Asked Questions

1. When did the SCA’s Social Media Policy come out and where can I find a copy?

The policy was launched at the Society level in 2013 and a PDF of it can be found here:

2. Does Facebook count as an official platform?

Yes.  Current SCA approved platforms are:
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Instagram
• Meetup
• Pinterest
• YouTube
• Discord
• TikTok

3. Does the Facebook page I created for my event fall under the policy?

Yes, if your event has been published in the Tidings and is therefore a registered event of the SCA.

4. Can I create an unofficial account if I don’t want to worry about the policy?

If you clearly name label or describe your site/group, etc. as unofficial, and include a disclaimer that designates the content is as unofficial, then yes this is an option.   A “Friends of…” style of name is implied to be unofficial as well.  There is flexibility in the naming as long the distinction between your group account and the “official” page one is made clear.

You can still re-distribute official posts from other places on unofficial channels as well. The goal of the policy is to encourage open dialogue, not limit it.  Another point to note is that guilds, households and other unofficial social groups in Ealdormere are encouraged to use their own unofficial social media tools.

5. Where can I get the official disclaimer texts?

Samples of the text where you fill in the name of your group are included in the SCA’s policy document so you can cut and paste it when you create new, official accounts, or you can get a copy on the Tools page on this site.

To save some time, here are some text versions of the disclaimers you can copy and paste from. The version used will depend on if the account is for an officer position or for a branch. Not all social media sites permit longer “about us” blurbs, which is preferably where disclaimers should be posted.  The important part in this case is to indicate that “the social media disclaimer applies”.

Branch Disclaimer 

Officer Disclaimer

6. Who in Ealdormere is responsible for enforcing the Social Media Policy?

The responsibility for ensuring compliance with the policy rests with the Kingdom Social Media Deputy, who reports to the Kingdom Seneschal.  The current Social Media Deputy is Lady Margret Junc.

7. Will local branches need their own social media deputy/officer?

Not necessarily, unless your branch is particularly active in social media and wants someone to coordinate and to help keep on top of things.