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Families in the SCA
The SCA is a family-friendly organization with a lot to offer to all ages. While a few of our activities are restricted to adults, most can be enjoyed by teens, tweens, and even younger.

At SCA events you will see children playing medieval games, creating art, participating in general activities (and those specifically for younger people, such as Youth Armored Combat & Fencing), receiving recognition in royal court, helping out in the kitchen or with other tasks, or just running around and being themselves.

Families of all ages can do things together as well – archery, thrown weapons, arts and sciences activities, taking classes, camping, assisting with local events, attending meetings and demonstrations, and more.  Some of the best things about the SCA is it allows families to participate in activities equally.

If you are bringing your own children, you can sign them in at the gate.  If you are bringing minors that you are not the guardian of, reach out to the event organizer to find out if you need to bring consent paperwork.

Some useful links for youth activities can be found in the Ealdormere Library (Youth Combat Section)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Chancellor of Youth and Youth Programs or your local Chatelaine.

Event Calendar

This is a list of upcoming events across Ontario that our local groups hold.  If you are interested in attending, we’d be happy to help you attend!