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Dame Petra of the Rozaki
(Petra Hall)
78 Bellevue Ave.
Toronto, ON
M5T 2N7

Exchequers Deputies

  • Drop Dead Deputy Exchequer, The Honourable Lady Jane Caldwell
  • NMR Deputy, Baroness Jocea Valente, (Joleen Demarco Wettlaufer)
    Responsible for the Non-Member Registration collection. Send a scan of your Non-Member Registration form to the NMR Deputy within two weeks of your event. You must also mail or hand deliver a hard copy of the form with appropriate signatures and a cheque to the Kingdom Exchequer within two weeks of your event.
  • Minister of Regalia, Duchess Adrielle Kerrec (Gabrielle Underwood) ​
  • Quartermaster General,  Cynred Broccan