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Ealdormere Clerk-Register

Penda of Glyndmere
(Mark Pasley)

Please Contact me by email:
or Facebook Messenger (my mundane name)

The Kingdom Clerk-Register is in charge of the website, emaildodo lists, and Zoom account for the Kingdom of Ealdormere.



Web Minister Deputies

Drop-dead deputy: La Magnifica Laura Battista

Infrastructure deputy: Master Lars Eriksson

Special Projects: Master Brand Thorvaldsson

Wiki Team: admin: Dame Catherine Townsend, Moderators: THL Gwendolyn, THL Dietrich Sachsen

Privacy and Data Policies for Ealdormere

Privacy Policy

Data Policy

Video segment on Ealdormere at Home interviewing Baroness Lucia de Enzinas at 9:47 about the Lord Clerk-Register job.