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Trillium Herald
Matthäus Lindenhayn von Schaffhausen
(Daniel Patterson)

Trillium Principal Herald supervises deputies and territorial heralds to ensure the smooth functioning of heraldry in Ealdormere. Responsibilities and restrictions are governed by kingdom law and custom. This includes the responsibility for the warranting and training of appropriate heraldic officers for all necessary positions and sufficient to ensure that the customary range of heraldic services is easily available in all parts of the kingdom. For more information on the various heraldic offices, visit the Ealdormere College of Heralds.

Acting Green Mantle Herald –  Baron Jørgen Lennertso (
The Herald responsible for the Submissions Team. Green Mantle Herald maintains a repository of submission forms and supporting documentation necessary for the maintenance of the submissions process in their kingdom.

Ealdormere At Home interviewed Duchess Rylyn about the job of Trillium Herald (at 1:49)