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Social Media – Tools and Resources

Social Media Deputy
In Ealdormere the responsibility for social media policy compliance rests with the office of the Seneschal, but is delegated to the Social Media Officer.

New to social media?

Social media are interactive sites online designed to help people stay connected to each other. Most of these sites require an account, usually free, to participate. However, in many cases non-registered users can still browse limited content without getting an account.

Visit the SCA’s central page on using social media to get started. (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)

Get to know YouTube (videos)

Get to know Pinterest (photo and link sharing)

Creating accounts for branches or groups in Ealdormere

The SCA’s Social Media Policy provides the flexibility for branches and officers in Ealdormere to create their own spaces on social media such as Facebook. One of the main considerations to think about before creating the account is whether it will distribute information officially, or just be a space for unofficial discussions.  For example, events can have official Facebook pages, or can be set up using a group to share information unofficially.

General Rules for creating or using your SCA branch/officer account

Frequently Asked Questions

SCA Social Media Policy

The policy became effective in 2013 and describes how branches and officers can create official accounts.

Read a copy of the policy (PDF)


To save you time, here are some text versions of the disclaimers you can copy and paste for your account profile. The version used will depend on if the account is for an officer position or for a branch. Not all social media sites permit longer “about us” blurbs, which is preferably where disclaimers are inserted. A sample short version is included here that can be tweaked slightly as needed. The important part in this case is to indicate that “the social media disclaimer applies”.

Disclaimer – Officer                         Disclaimer – Branch                         Twitter/Short Disclaimer