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How to Register Your Event

You are an autocrat looking to register your event? You will need to follow the following steps.

1 . Fill out the Event Request Form (found here)

This form will notify The Kingdom Calendar Secretary, who is responsible for listing your event on Kingdom Calendar in the Tidings as well as the Kingdom Website. Unless your event appears in The Tidings before the event date, your event will not be official.

To register your event with the Calendar Secretary you must provide the following minimum information:
1. Name of the Event
2. Date of the event, and start/end times if applicable.
3. Name of the Hosting Group
4. Street address of the Event
5. Name and contact email for the autocrat

To contact the Kingdom Calendar Secretary directly, please email:


The Event Registration form will also be forwarded to The Kingdom Chronicler and the Clerk Register.  The Kingdom Chronicler is responsible for posting your event announcement in our Kingdom Newsletter The Tidings.  The Clerk Register will contact you within two days with a link to the website for your event, and will forward that information to the Calendar Secretary and the Chronicler.

If you have any questions for these officers, please contact the Kingdom Chronicler: or the Clerk Register:

It is also recommended to read the Autocrats Handbook, available in the Kingdom Library.